Reviewing CXL Institute’s Digital Analytical Mini degree. As always I start by saying analytics is the sexiest word, for at least the professionals who understand it, most of the students and professionals are following this as a career, rather for the pay than its actual understanding and passion. Let’s not argue over this, since it has lots of points balancing on either side of the equation.

Before I go any further I will just give a brief on myself, I am Nischith a sales & marketing professional working in the health sector. I live in Bangalore India and I am from Mysore, City of Heritage.

The information shared below is based on the learnings from CXL Institute, you need to have a bare understanding of what Digital Marketing or Google analytics is, as CXL themselves say their courses are not for beginners. Let’s dive in, I hope I give you a good insight into their teaching.

Today’s review is on Part 3 of Google Tag Manager, Container export and import,Tracking Ecommerce: The Next Level — Enhanced Ecommerce, Tracking Engagement: Advanced Video Tracking, Tracking Engagement: Page Elements

Container export and import

Once a container is set we can use the configuration to other accounts either by importing or exporting.

Go to Admin and there you have import container and export container,
Basically, this is downloading or uploading Jason file.

When you import a container, you need to keep few things in mind
Options are there to either select overwrite or Merge, when you merge there are other 2 options to select from,
* Overwrite conflicting Tags, Triggers, and Variables
*Rename conflicting Tags, Triggers, and Variables

You can find pre-configured containers available on google search, best site to refer and start with is Bounteous.

Always remember to TBV — Trust But Verify after you import the container.

Refer this guide:Google’s Guide to Container Import/Export

Tracking Engagement: Advanced Video Tracking

Once you identify any other platforms other than youtube, go to Google search and type Vimeo (example) video tracking google tag manager you will find many references in the search result, there I found Bounteous Recipe: Vimeo Video Tracking for GTM , go through the file and understand what it is just to know what you are upto. Then download the file.(You have the instructions too there) you will land on to the JASON file. Now save as the file and import the recipe from the import container in the admin section.

Now, go through the tags, triggers, Variables in the workspace, change something if required, majorly the Google Analytics Settings Variable has to be set(GA-Id). Now do the Trust But Verify in the Website.

Do the same thing to Wistia platform, go to google search and find the recipe.
Same thing to be done for other platforms and same steps have to be followed as mentioned for setting Vimeo video tracking.

Refer this guide:

Tracking Engagement: Page Elements

So to explain this we will go step by step, you know how scrolls are tracked and but how do you track specific items visible on the screen when some actions are taken for example Hard to track form submissions, (where the submission button does not lead to another page and just an acknowledgement mesasge is shown just like below,

Same page after submitting

How do we do this ?, we will do the same as done for other tags, we will setup a trigger using Element Visibility trigger type under user engagement and follow the options as in the image,

There is one thing you need to understand, Selection Method has to be selected appropriately here we have selected CSS Selector in the element selector you need to go the element to be tacked and select and right click then inspect.You will find the selction of code, now you need to right click the code containing the element and select CSS Selector and copy that in the trigger configuration and remaining has to be selected as per the rquirement.
Now create the appropriate Tags and then TBV trust but verify and you are done. You can also go to Google Analytics and check if the data is flowing there.

The same process goes with error report, instead of success messages CSS selector, you should select the error message CSS Selector.

‘;error messages

Refer this guide:

Tracking Ecommerce: The Next Level — Enhanced Ecommerce

Image reference marking the difference b/w Ecommerce and enhanced ecommerce

To set up Standard ecommerce tracking through GTM there is an option through GA Transaction Tag but the same is not applicable for ENhanced Ecommerce here set is through Event or Page View Tag.

Refer to this guide:
Google’s Developer Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce
Simo’s Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation
Simo’s Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce in Facebook

There is in-depth knowledge taught at CXL Digital Analytics Mini Degree, there is still more to what I have shared here, this is a course you need to explore and join to understand more from the experts like Mercer himself teaching and explaining concepts beutifully, there is a community which you will enjoy understanding & learning any complex concepts.

The intermediate Google Tag Manager includes further more on Custom Dimensions, Table Variables, JavaScript Variables, Event Variables, Using Cookies in GTM, GTM API.

There is lot to gain from the course.

Thanks to Mercer again.

I will be reviewing other topics in the coming weeks.

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